Micro USB Data-Cabel for Smartphones 2018-10-26T01:28:56+00:00

nevox microUSB Kabel

This USB / microUSB cable is perfect to transfer data (USB 2.0 High Speed) between a PC or laptop and your mobile device with microUSB connector.
Moreover, it can also be used for charging your devices when these have a USB charging function. Just connect the cable to an available USB port and your mobile device is ready to synchronize files, edit existing by using specific software or simply charge the battery.

Product features:

  • Braided nylon cover provides a long service life and prevents entanglement.
  • An Aluminium housing ensures better heat dissipation. It heats up more slowly and cools down faster than comparable materials.
    Suitable for all devices with microUSB port
  • Charge & Sync – Ideal for: smart phones, digital cameras, tablets, MP3 players, etc.
  • Compact design of the plug, you can use this cable easily even if you have a protection case
  • Cable length: 100cm
  • Cable colour: silvergrey


Product Informations

  • Manufacturer Number: 1479
  • EAN: 4250686404791