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NEVOCLIP – AIRMAGNET CAR – Air vent holder
The NEVOCLIP AIRMAGNET ventilation grid bracket, equipped with an AIRMAGNET fastening system.
The holder is fixed by pressing the two push buttons.
We are spreading the rubber clamp and adapts to the different slats. This special function allows you to attach the bracket to the slats without putting pressure on the ventilation.
The wedge clamps have a solid rubber coating. The slats are not destroyed or scratched. Thus, an ejection as with conventional cross-slot mounts does not occur.
The holder is freely rotatable by 360 °. Tilting and tilting in all directions for a comfortable viewing angle. The correct viewing angle can always be set by means of the fixing screw.
If you now have the enclosed, thin metal plate on the back, behind the battery cover or in the case your smartphones angel, your smartphone is automatically attracted, without which you have to handle with annoying brackets.
Simply hold the smartphone in front of the NEVOCLIP – AIRMAGNET and you already have everything in view.
Due to the use of automotive plastics and high-quality silicone materials, different temperatures of the mounting can not affect anything.
The flat and compact design in combination with the various adjustment possibilities, the holder is the perfect companion in everyday life or on journeys.
1x NEVOCLIP – AIRMAGNET CAR – Air vent holder
1x metal plate for gluing (3M adhesive back)
1x metal plate for insertion (without 3M adhesive)
2x protective foil for the metal platelets

Product information

  • Manufacturer-No.: 1500
  • EAN: 4250686405002